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Coolina Review

This Coolina Review is a comprehensive examination of this cooking appliance manufacturer. This company offers items with massive rebates, such as butcher knives and culinary expert sets. It also offers kitchen blades. So, what’s the deal? What’s Coolina’s value proposition? The company makes these claims with good reason, so read on for more information. The items that are included in a Coolina rebate are worth considering.

High-carbon stainless steel

The company Coolina produces high-carbon stainless steels that bridge the gap between normal and high-carbon steels. For example, VG10 is an alloy that is tempered to nearly full carbon hardness, yet still remains a stainless steel. This makes it an excellent choice for blades that need to be flexible, but also tough and durable. VG10 is available in over 60 different grades and five main classes, ranging from regular to premium.

The high carbon steel blades of Coolina knives are renowned for their high edge retention, making them perfect for every day use. Although high-carbon stainless steel is less corrosion-resistant than standard steel, it still requires special care to maintain the edge. And because these knives are hand-forged, you can expect a long life from them. You can even use them in the outdoors as they are made to be used outdoors.


A hand-forged Coolina knife is not something you should throw out. This classic kitchen knife is designed for serious use, and is suitable for cutting wood, bone, and tomatoes. The hand-forged blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel, which means it retains its edge better. It will require extra care during cleaning, however. Moreover, hand-forged knives are not uniform, so you might have to check for food residue on the joints.

You should always check the material used in your Coolina knife before buying one. High carbon steel is known for its edge retention, but you shouldn’t buy one with a low carbon content. Also, carbon steel tends to rust, so you should clean the blade after every use. For additional protection, you can apply olive oil to the blade’s edge. Coolina knives are a great investment if you’re into fine-quality knives.


When ordering Multipurpose Coolina items, you can choose from a wide range of colors, designs, and materials. All products are shipped from a warehouse in Texas, and most orders take three to eight days to reach their destination. If your desired item is out of stock, it can take two to three weeks to arrive, though Coolina will notify you of this fact in advance. International orders may take three to four weeks to arrive. Some shipping companies offer tracking information, and Coolina also provides links to these services. Tracking links become active two to five days after you receive your order.


The Coolina Balanced is a kitchen knife with a large, high carbon steel blade and a comfortable ergonomic handle. Its weight makes cutting effortless, and the large rustic two-tone blade commands attention in the kitchen. This knife is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and looks like the Promaja but longer. Its unique style makes it an excellent addition to any knife collection. Each Coolina knife is made by hand for maximum precision and comfort.

Available on Amazon

If you’re on the lookout for a new knife, Coolina has a great selection of kitchen knives and other kitchen tools on Amazon. These knives are made from high carbon, clad steel blends, and feature a 5.6-inch blade with semi-oval indents near the spine. The blade itself is black in color, with silver edges. The edges are razor sharp. Coolina’s signature logo is etched on the wood handle, and the blade weighs a modest 0.89 lbs.

Coolina knives are well known for their sharp blades. They are serious choppers, and are made in Serbia by skilled craftsmen. Their attention to detail and high quality have garnered them a lot of praise. Some of these knives are featured in a variety of notable publications and have a community of over 400k followers on social media. They’re also a great choice for the serious cook. While there are a few disadvantages of these knives, they’re well worth the price and the great reviews.

Brand buying guide

A brand buying guide will generally include 5-10 products. The Coolina brand has 13 products for sale, and we chose the best ones to recommend to you. You can view our recommended items on Amazon to make your decision. We hope this guide will help you choose a new cookware brand! But first, what is a brand buying guide? What does it include? And what is it good for? This Coolina brand buying guide will answer all of these questions, and more!

  • Website – https://coolinastore.com/
  • Products – Cutting Board, Chef Knives, Whetstones, Gift Sets, and more
  • Payment Mode – PayPal, Major Credit Card, and Digital Wallet Payment
  • Email Support – info@coolinastore.com
  • Physical Address – 11500 Miramar Pkwy Suite 300, Miramar, FL 33025, USA (Warehouse) and Company Address – Shderot Hakibutzim 1 gimel, Rehovot, Israel
  • Phone Number – +1 754 219 2124
  • Return and Refund – 30 days
  • Shipping Information – Within 24 hours
  • Domain Age – 3 Years and 107 Days (Created on 27th August 2018)
  • Social Media – Facebook

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